Pro.Svit changes its activity: the appeal of the head of organization Oleksandra Pietushkova
In 2014, the Pro.Svit team began to make changes through education, because we understood that it was the driving force and a strong foundation for a new round of the history of our country. It was important for us to make long-term changes in order to strengthen educational institutions. Today, Pro.Svit is proud of hundreds of graduates of all-Ukrainian educational programs, dozens of implemented projects and its own educational crowdfunding platform GoFundEd, thanks to which more than 200 educators were able to realize their educational dreams. Educators and pupils grew with us, we introduced the changes and the challenges changed. Two years ago, it seemed that COVID-19 was the worst thing that could happen to us, but we managed to do it incredibly well.

On February 24, the whole country woke up of the explosions.The war united us, and today our biggest dream and strategic task is VICTORY. Everyone is fighting on their own front. And the team, friends and "Pro.Svit" community too.

We continue to work with educational communities and prepare tools that will help to work effectively and solve urgent problems in difficult times. Today, together with the Illuminate Foundation, we are launching a project "Pro.Support", which includes working with families who have been dislocated as a result of hostilities. The project will create a network of communities for safe and comfortable communication, finding resources, restoring their potential and realizing themselves in new conditions. It also provides support for the volunteer movement, developing tools to prevent burnout and rapid recovery of emotional and physical condition.

We must realize that it is a marathon, and we all need to reach the finish line, to VICTORY! We continue to analyzing and monitoring the situation in the country and reorient our activities to be effective.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The Pro.Svit team is always with you!

Everything will be Ukraine!

Oleksandra Pietushkova, head of the NGO "Pro.Svit"
Our results
successfully implemented all-Ukrainian educational programs
principals, teachers and students became а participants of programs and projects of "Pro.Svit"
schools underwent an educational transformation with "Pro.Svit"
school mentors who have passed the "Pro.Svit" training programs
projects have been funded through the GoFundEd crowdfunding platform
donors who invest in GoFundEd projects
6 000 000 uah
collected for GoFundEd educational projects
"We believe that the implementation of educational reform is not enough. As changes from above are very fragile, and each school is unique, we work directly with schools and communities to enable them develop their educational strategies, build trust and attentiveness through the culture of partnership, team work, and communication both in the school – with teachers, parents, and students, and with the outside world –local communities. We work to improve the educational experience of children every day. It is a long but fundamental path that should lay the cornerstone of sustainable development".
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