Crowdfunding platform «GoFundEd»

Crowdfunding platform GoFundEd is a service that allows teachers from every corner of Ukraine to collect financial resources for classroom needs and to implement projects that improve the quality of teaching and incorporate innovative student development.

GoFundEd provides the opportunity to:

  • Create success stories of responsible & proactive Ukrainian teachers while recreating the teacher’s image in society
  • Make a collective impact – everyone in society is somehow engaged in the education sphere- that’s what makes GoFundEd a great opportunity for businesses, international funds, alumni and parents to join to make changes in education
  • Develop teachers’ potential to create projects that are aimed to positively impact the school environment

How does it work?

– teachers submit projects on the platform

– a donor invests in the project that appeals to him/her

– the donor receives a thank-you letter from the teacher and a report on the project when it is in progress and upon its completion

– if the project doesn’t meet its funding goal, the donor’s investment will be returned.

With the help of GoFundEd, teachers receive:

  • financial resources to carry out their projects
  • organizational support from coaches
  • membership in a community of like-minded professionals and those who influence school education

There are already 6 successful projects on the platform, and every week 3 new projects appear on GoFundEd. Everyone can easily support teacher’s initiative in just a few clicks and join the team of education changemakers!


Web-site: http://gofunded.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoFunded.org

E-mail: gofunded.org@gmail.com