Educational program for teachers “Pro.Skills”

Ukraine has been transforming from a totalitarian to a liberal state for more than twenty years now, which is a profound shift in mindset and values. Education is simultaneously undergoing a process of self-determination as it rethinks the roles of key stakeholders. We are currently witnessing positive “top-down” changes in the Ukrainian educational system. Nonetheless, we are looking for an effective “bottom-up” transformation strategy. Teachers are the key enablers in the educational system, therefore, we believe that teachers must become the main change makers in a “bottom-up” strategy.

Educational program “Pro.Skills” is the platform for teachers’ personal and professional development. The profile of our participant is a teacher, who strive to implement new teaching approaches, which will ensure that every child’s talent is being developed and educational need is met. Through studying at the program we also encourage participants-educators to rethink their role from information bearer to learning environment creator.

The goal of the program is to train teachers to organize the classroom using blended learning models (station-rotation and flipped classroom) as well as teach them to use project management approach to implementing initiatives. As the result of the program, each team will realize a project in their schools, which is aimed at changing the interaction between teacher and student during the lesson.

We have already delivered three programs in Lviv, one program in Odessa, and are actively working to expand to the Central (Vinnytsya) and Eastern (Slovyansk) region in autumn- winter 2016.

Program details:

  • In autumn and winter 2016 the program is held in 4 Ukrainian cities (Lviv, Odesa, Slovyansk, Vinnytsya);
    Modular format – 3 days per month during 3 months (October – December 2016);
  • Our entrants are teams from schools (3-5 ppl), who have the idea, that they will realize during the program and whose ICT competency level is above average;
  • 60 studying hours during three modules with experts, the same amount (60 hrs) is expected to be spent on self-learning and sessions with mentors.

Program peculiarities:

  • We use the elements of “peer-to-peer learning” in the program – participants are paired for closer cooperation, to share interesting information, support each other and have fun during 3 months of the program.
  • Mentorship: each participant will have a mentor who will help with project planning and implementation.


Module 1

-Global educational challenge;
-Blended learning (station-rotation, flipped classroom);
-Learning triad: knowledge, skills, and values;
-Fundamentals of the project management;
-How to measure your project: expected project outcomes;
-Project goal-setting.

Module 2

-Participants’ presentations
-Stakeholders management
-Project lifecycle and planning
-Team management
-Basic budgeting
-Presentation skills – let the world know about your project!

Module 3

-Participants’ project presentation and feedback from experts
-Project further development, mapping next steps
-Education in Ukraine: issues, trends, and opportunities;
-Reflection: my “Pro.Skills” experience
-How to become a responsible teacher

Why should teachers join the program?

1. The program encourages teachers to transform their idea into the project and implement it. The program is based on the action learning principle, therefore it offers minimum theory, but maximum practice and guidance for participants to reach great results;

2.The program trains teachers to use modern teaching method, blended learning, as more effective way to organize lessons and help students to reach better academic results;

3.The program suggests close cooperation with experts, who deliver sessions on modules, and with mentors, who are qualified help in the process of project planning and implementation;

4.Opportunity to publish your project on GoFundEd (crowdfunding platform for teachers, developed by Center “Pro.Svit”) to raise financial resources for the project and join the network of teachers-innovators;

5.Successful participants of the program will become the part of Educators Community, which is the platform for “Pro.Skills” alumni further development;

6.Successful participants will receive credits for passing the program from governmental Institute of teachers’ development.

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