Business for changes in education

“Future employees of the companies are sitting in the classroom now“, – Mark Dayton, the governor of Minnesota (USA), who focused his work on the improving of the education system, once said.

Realizing that educational changes are everyone’s business, we invite the corporate sector to make these changes possible for hundreds of children this autumn.

How do we propose to combine efforts and make an impact in schools? We offer you to support the team of particular school (teachers and director) by providing scholarships for their study at the program “Pro.Skills” . Furthermore, we encourage you to share your impressions about our collaboration, the results and achieved impact.

For school team it’s a possibility to:

  • become acquainted with the innovative techniques and better understand the needs of students, the global challenges and the role of Ukraine;
  • develop a project and test it with mentor;
  • try everything in practice and move to the school development plan.

The result is a network of teachers, directors, who will become the foundation and the future of our new Ukrainian school.

Our joint steps or how the process looks like?

Step 1: Start the set of “Pro.Skills”

  • “Pro.Svit” announces a set of participants for the program “Pro.Skills”;
  • The teams from schools (school principal and 1-2 teachers) from all over Ukraine sign up for the program and present their project ideas that meet the 3 criteria (urgency of the problem, mechanism for skill development of children, the project complies with the principles of sustainable development);
  • The teams are selected (2 stages: computer literacy and phone interview, the participation in EduLab)

Step 2: Form the partnership and choose the school

  • Hold the meeting between “Pro.Svit” and a company representative regarding the format of the partnership;
  • The company in cooperation with “Pro.Svit” selects the school, which will be supported (of those teams that pass the selection and correspond the vision of a successful participant of the program “Pro.Skills”);
  • Hold the meeting to agree the next steps and reporting forms, the final result of the project team;
  • The school team gets the scholarships and starts the program.

Step 3: Starting. Planning. Implementing

  • Start of the program. The participation of a company representative in the opening of the program in order to share an individual vision of education development in Ukraine;
  • At the request of the company, a joint meeting with the school team regarding the project, format and influence;
  • After the completion of the program – the assessment of the results and sharing our feedback.

Step 4: Publishing the results or stories that Ukraine should know

We believe that such cases and changes at  one school are critically important for Ukraine. That’s why we offer you to tell about our partnership in any format  – case study, quote, video or interview – so as more people can find out about your impact!

Step 5: Long-lasting impact

The changes in education – the race for a long distance. That is why after completion of the program, it is important to continue the creation of proactive teachers network in this school. Having on board at least two associates, who have passed the program, it’s easier to move forward. We propose you to “take care” of this school. We are responsible for the process organization, mentoring and support, that will allow to see how the school has changed within a certain period of time.

Does it make sense for you? Then we invite you to form a “win-win” partnership and act proactively without waiting for changes “from above”.

Contacts:, +380951099233 – Julia, partnership with national companies, +38097 657 4441 – Olena, partnership with regional companies