Scholarship Fund “Pro.Svit”:

movement for education in Ukraine which begins from the teachers!


Today already 70 teachers from all over Ukraine have passed the program and more than 40 projects have already been implemented at the schools within the program. There are those education managers who can work in a different way and start changes from their classes. In this way, through the creation of teachers & directors network, we strengthen those changes “bottom – up”. We also form an alternative approach to teachers’ / directors’ teaching, because one teacher creates the impact on the lives of hundreds of kids.

Understanding the scale of the challenge in education, we strive to enhance the program in order to attract more teachers and directors, schools, and at the same time to work systematically and continuously with each particular school.


This autumn the program will start in Slovyansk and Vinnytsya and continue in Lviv and Odessa. We have already received more than 70 applications from Lviv, Kirovohrad, Donetsk, Odessa, Zhytomyr, Kyiv and other areas. However, the main challenge for the teacher is a fee for the program.
So we’ve created a Scholarship Fund, which will provide potential participants with the opportunity  to study at the program for free.


Education – it’s an everyone’s business, because this is our future. How can you join the network “Pro.Svit” and reinforce changes in the school? If you want to provide a scholarship for a particular teacher or representative of the certain school or any teacher / director, which will pass the selection process, you should:

  • Contact us and inform about such aspirations, giving the information about the school, region and teacher.
  • We’ll contact you back and coordinate the next steps. In return, the teacher, who you give the scholarship, must go through the selection process, which is indicated in the section about the program.

We believe that everyone’s effort is important. We are convinced that our investments in the future make sense. We invite you to join the educational changes today!